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October 25, 2023

Pixel art eye

 Randomly felt like trying out pixel art. This isn't something I've tried in years. But I am enticed by the simplicity and precision of pixel art. The smaller you get, the more every pixel counts. Much of my art studying recently has focused on the fundamental elements. 

I started with a relatively large area to help me ease back into pixel art. I like the colors of the eye itself but don't ask me what's going on with their cheek.  

Second attempt with a smaller picture size. I wanted it to be more defined than the first attempt. The lines feel too heavy, though. It's not as delicate as I would have liked, but since I've rarely worked with pixel art, I'm not expecting 10/10 results right away. The journey towards perfection is more exciting than the destination itself.

If I were to do this a third time I would exaggerate the shapes and colors even more. There is an abstract element to this drawing that I would like to emphasize. 

Image is based off this gouache painting I did recently.

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