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June 1, 2009

Finding my art style: 2009

Things about my art that I miss and want to bring back. 

2009 is one of my favorite years to look back on. Here is a collection of my favorite drawings from that year. I listed aspects of my art style that I would like to preserve. Mistakes are generally not addressed or we would be here all day.

Defining characteristic of my style in 2009: Dark atmosphere with glowing figures and dramatic lighting

Apollow and the barn owl. One of my first ever completed artworks of him.
  • Natural/neutral colors
  • Pink shading for lighter tones
  • Glowing face
  • Soft skin

This is Moo, my old internet persona. Very fond of this one.
  • Thin lineart
  • Combination of soft shading with crisp cel shading
  • Atmospheric tints
  • Robust color choice

A crossover between Yume Nikki and Silent Hill 4. I dressed up Madotsuki as Henry and Poniko as Walter. I would really love to bring this coloring style back. There are so many things I like about it! Plus it's nostalgic to me and captures the vibe I miss from that summer.
  • Cutesy, kawaii art style
  • Personality and clear expressions
  • Vibrant and expressive eyes that reflect a different highlight color at the top. Clear and colorful like a glass marble.
  • Distinct base colors
  • Minimal shading on the face- relatively flat, but I like that.
  • Things I like about the hair: 
    • A narrow range of values
    • Subtle but solid shading
    • Soft, subtle highlights for hair
    • Different shading styles depending on the hair color

Other things from 2009 that I want to bring back

This was a request for a guy on a forum I frequented. I like how glowy his face looks.

Portrait of Emily. I love the thin linework and soft colors here. It's been really hard to emulate the feel of this one- it must have been an experimental artwork. Thin linework, all soft shading, and fairly narrow value ranges. Plus, the tiny highlights in her eyes.

I like the sassy expression and thick outlines on this one. She reminds me of Taiga from Toradora. 

Love the soft pastels and semi-cel shading. 2009 was a good year for coloring eyes.

I feel so nostalgic now. 2009 was the best year ever. Not to get all soppy or anything but I have a very soft spot for that time in my life.