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March 1, 2019

Me 'n' Nikki

I took a painting class at my local college, but didn't audit it (whoops) so I had to actually participate in class assignments. But nothing wrong with that. The teacher was cool and I always had fun in the class.

For this assignment, the prompt was to paint from an old family photo. Naturally, I chose a recently discovered photo of myself with Nikki from 2003.

Then, we would use the Zorn palette to give it an 'aged' look, fitting for the theme of the painting. The Zorn palette consists of: Yellow ochre; Titanium white; Ivory black; and Cadmium Red. The cool thing about this palette is that it creates a full spectrum of colors, including the suggestion of blue and green, despite them not actually being there. Isn't that cool?

Luckily I saved some progress shots. I did the under-drawing in alcohol marker, which I DO NOT recommend - over time, it permeates through the paint. So if you made a mistake, the paint will only cover it up for so long.

Not my best work but I do love how Nikki came out. I also love how child-Mel's shorts appear blue despite there being no blue in my palette. I think this Zorn guy was on to something!