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December 25, 2004

My Epic Inuyasha Fanfiction! ~.o

Behold, my epic literary masterpiece. 


 桜(Sakura) the Neko Youkai

Note:This fanfic takes place right after the Shiori episodes and before the Panther Youkai kidnaps Kagome, before Kagome goes to modern Japan.  Also, 2 is basically the first part of the panther deva episode. It's the panther episodes with Sakura in it! :)

1. Sakura: Friend or Foe?

Near Kaede's village, there was a youkai that lived in a fukai, fukai mori (in case you don't know, fukai, fukai mori is "deep, deep forest" in Japanese!). A neko youkai named Sakura. She lived in a small hut with her neko, Michie. Michie  looked like a kitten but was actually a neko youkai, but both Sakura and Michie had demonic powers (Sakura usually called Michie "Michi" And by the way, Michie is pronounced Meechee-Aye, not Meechee or Mih-chee.).  Sakura could transform into whatever she wanted because of the emblem on her forehead. She didn't use it that much.  Sakura usually used her double swords. Sakura's favorite power was that she could tame any cat so she could pet it and stuff. She could control the cat with her necklace. This power might come in very handy when fighting rabid neko youkai! Michi and Sakura both had wings. That, they used a lot!

Sakura was *obviously* a neko youkai, so she had cat ears and a tail. Her hair was brown, and wore a greenish kimono.  She had an emblem on her forehead (kind of like this: <O>) and green marks on her cheeks, kind of like Sesshoumaru would!)

Now, enough of the introductions.  Sakura was being chased by a bat youkai. But she used her swords, and realized it was pretty weak, and when she killed the evil youkai, she saw something in its stomach.  It was pretty and shiny. She took it out.

"Look, Michi! Look what I found! A thingiy! The thingiy is glowing!!"

Michie ran out of the house. She meowed, saying it was pretty!

Sakura flew down to the pond (which was not too far away), where she washed off the youkai's blood. Then she returned to the hut.  She set it in a nice place where she could wonder what it was. After 20 minutes she decided it was a shard of some kind.

"I want to keep it forever... it's so pretty!"

"I sense a shard of the Shikon no Tama!" Kagome exclaimed.  Inuyasha and everyone was visiting Kaede because they weren't doing anything.

"WHERE? Can you tell?" Inuyasha said.

"It feels like it's coming from the forest," Kagome replied.

The gang flew on Kirara probably 3 miles into the mori. Kagome kept saying she could sense the shard of the Shikon no Tama getting closer, and closer, and closer!

"I hear people outside!" Sakura told Michi. "I'm going outside to see what it is." She walked outside to see 3 humans (Miroku, Sango, Kagome), a  hanyou (Inuyasha, duh O.o), a neko youkai (Kirara), and a kitsune youkai (Shippou)!

"Uhh, hi... how can I... uhhh... help you?" Sakura asked them.

"Do you have a shard of the Shikon no Tama?" Inuyasha asked back.

"What's that? I've never heard of that before..." Sakura went back in her hut,

got the pretty shiny thingiy, came back outside, and said, "Is this what you're talking about?"


Inuyasha pulled out his Tessaiga (its name is NOT the Tetsusaiga! The name was translated wrong.) and demanded she give them her shard.

"Just try to come after me!" Sakura sat like a cat. When Inuyasha tried to kill her, she jumped up to the roof.

"Why do you want the shard?"

"To kill Naraku."

"Who's Naraku?"

"Just give me the freakin' shard!" Inuyasha chased Sakura. But then she remembered, he was trying to kill her! So Sakura came up with an idea. She transformed into a tiny innocent little kitten with big sparkly eyes.  This is Inuyasha when he tried to attack her: >_>;

Right when he was about to hurt her, Kagome yelled "OSUWARI!" and he was slammed into the ground.

Shippou asked Sakura what her name was. So she told the cute irresistable little kitsune youkai what her name was.  Then she took off her necklace and used it on Kirara.  She said konnichi wa to her.  Sango just went O_O! 

"Just come back later, if Ihave nothing to do with this shard you want so badly, I'll give it to you!"

"Alright then," said Kagome.

Everyone left, and Kagome left to her time. She was gone for three days! So when everyone was expecting Kagome, Shippou and uh, Inuyasha were on Kaede's roof (?).

"Ugh, she's late! I'm going to get Kagome." Inuyasha left to the  well where evil dead well girl Sadako would kill him! (Just kidding.)

Inuyasha entered Kagome's house. She wasn't home, but Souta and Mama got home,

and Jii-Chan (Kagome's grandfather) was already home with Inuyasha.  Meanwhile Kagome was on her way home. She said sayonara to Yuuka (those stupid English translators spelled it Yuka, which means "floor" o.o;; But Yuuka means "a valuable"), Eri, and Ayumi (I think it's Ayumi!)

Kagome entered the house. "Inuyasha; what are you doing here?"

"I came to get you. Get your stuff and we'll leave." But then Mama said "We're having steak! Are you sure?" So Inuyasha stayed and ate the steak like a wild animal!

Meanwhile in Feudal Japan, Sakura had just returned to her hut when a panther

youkai with kaji powers named Karan  came (she is the one who kind of has an afro 0.o).  Sakura quickly hid her shard of the Shikon no Tama. So, Karan threatened to kill her if she didn't answer the question: "Do you know anyone with shards of the Shikon no Tama?"

    Sakura replied, "Yes, there is this skinny priestess girl who wears skimpy clothes and she has three of them!"


"Hai," Sakura said, as she pointed the way to Kaede's village. "I saw them go back there.  She might be there, don't know."

Karan walked the long three miles in the mori.

Meanwhile, everyone was just outside Kaede's village. Shippou threw a rock in the  water, then everyone heard leaves rustling.  Out popped the [cute] tanuki youkai, Hachiemon! He explained to them about some [cute] cat people killing anyone who crosses paths with them, but he escaped before it happened.

After he finished, Miroku said there was someone coming down the steps.

"I hear there's a priestess in this village!"

It was Karan! Sakura helped her to Kagome.  "And this must be where she lives-- right here..!" Karan said, pointing to Kaede's cute little hut.  Kaede came out.  She just stared, and said, "What???"

"No, no, NO! That can't be her! She's young; and wears skimpy clothes!"  

Everyone wondered... was Karan talking about Kagome?  

"Tell me where she is, or at least hand them over!"

May 10, 2004

The Epic Tale of Tellissia - Animated comic series

When I was in 5th grade, I was so mad at this girl that I made an entire comic about it. Backstory: One day during recess she wanted me to get off the swing and I wouldn't do it. I was the one who got in trouble because I said cr*p. I even remember her grabbing the swing and telling me, Get. Off. The. Swing. It so was dumb. She thought she could boss me around because she was in 6th grade. I didn't get off the swing but I also didn't get to enjoy using the swing either. Grr.

Anyway here's the animated comic I made. I was playing Zelda 64 at the time and thought the magic spells were super cool.

All done in MS Paint and some obscure gif maker. 

Bonus un-used frame. I thought that if I spelled the name backwards, no one could read it except me and I could avoid getting in trouble. Galaxy brain moment.