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May 1, 2008

Finding my art style: 2008

Things I miss about my art in 2008

I am still finding my art style which has changed in all sorts of ways over time. I want to remember what I like about my old art style that I can re-incorporate.

 I'm only focusing on things that I like about the art style that I want to bring back. Mistakes will only be addressed if there's something I can learn from it.

Art style characteristics

  • Vivid tint under shading

  • Careful attention to detail

  • Enjoying the the novelty of Paint Tool SAI

  • Blending technique and dramatic shading

  • Tiny highlights

The crisp shading reminds me of Copic marker art.
This is one of the best examples of how I want my coloring style to look. I want my shading to be crisp, vibrant, and intentional, even if it means leaving other details out.

Some details are meticulously rendered, and while the artwork has many flaws, I think it shows a lot of love for the process. I have a lot of fond memories of working on this one.

I was still learning my way around Paint Tool SAI and enjoyed how much easier it was to use than Photoshop. The greenish yellow shading works surprisingly well.

Early artwork of Herrington. This is when she started to resemble her current design. I like the coloring on this one.
  • Pale pastel colors. A warm tint
  • Crisp but soft shading
  • Shiny hair - a soft band of highlights, with thin white strands
  • The very tiny shiny highlights. Lovingly detailed

Emily. Simple soft cel shading and I like the eyes. It's simple with just enough detail

Group portrait of my OCs.

I spent a lot of time working on this one. It gave me something to look forward to at the start of the school year.
  • Mr Cass (guy with glasses)
  • Herrington (white haired, upper left)
  • Emily (top center)
  • Unknown (center) I have no idea who this girl is.
  • Mo (girl in black dress) Another unused OC
  • Weston (blond guy)

I like how the coloring came out especially on Herrington in particular:
  • Crisp distinct shading for the hair
  • Very subtle soft highlights
  • Minimal shading for the skin
  • Neutral pastel color choice