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August 31, 2007

Old list of art ideas from 2007

Such nostalgia!

The 2007 List

1. The 80s

2. Neon lights

3. Aurora borealis

4. City lights / night skyline

5. Red moon

6. Tropical sunset

7. Bloody

8. Masks

9. Upside-down

10. Egyptian

11. Water

12. Snow

13. Lightning

14. Clocks

15. World of madness

16. Fire

17. Mirror / reflection

18. Cathedral

19. Shattered glass

20. Pastel

21. Henry

22. Foggy city

23. Rainbow

24. Gray

25. Tears

26. Rain

27. Creation 

28. Stigmata

29. Love

30. Light

31. Dark

32. Heaven

33. Silence

34. Cat

35. Flowers

36. Dying

37. Illusion

38. Stripes

39. Sacrifice

40. Magic

41. Words

42. Give up

43. Sun

44. Moon

45. Eclipse

46. Clouds

47. Mountains

48. Fireflies

49. Butterflies

50. Candle

51. Moonlit beach

52. Forest

53. Angel

54. Aquarium

55. Dark clouds

56. Cherry blossoms

May 2, 2007

Middle school randomness

Maybe it's because I'm on the spectrum, but in middle school I had so many inside jokes with myself. I was a quiet student but there was a lot of weird stuff going through my head.

Doodling characters as cats

Took Japanese in middle school. Kuruma no shita ni XYZ ga imasu. I ran with it.
I was obsessed with the guy from this video. Bubb Rubb

Yay for over-explaining the joke.

April 7, 2007

A stray child

This was based off one of my older sister's many angsty selfies while she was in high school. 

I (relatively) recently redid this artwork in 2020 - check it out!

April 1, 2007


This picture always makes me laugh because I remember someone commenting that the anatomy is flawless. 

February 2, 2007


This was some sort of art request or prize gift art on Deviantart. Honestly, I still really like how this came out. I've never played any of the Final Fantasy games (don't think watching an SNES let's play really counts) but the character designs are super cool, especially the PS2 era titles.

Bonus: Found this in my photo folder. I would have loved to still have the PSD file!

January 20, 2007

Deep-fried E-Bake

A colored sketch of my OC, Ebak (please google her name). I didn't get around to coloring it until about 1-2 years after it was drawn but my god look at those colors.

January 12, 2007

Macy and Percy, twin cat maids

Dude. Middle school Mel was SO proud of this one!

I was obsessed with The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya at the time, so that no doubt was an influence. 

I never developed these characters much past this artwork. They are meant to be based off Siamese cats. I think Percy was meant to be an axe crazy yandere. I was just entering my edgy middle schooler era. But that was never expanded further (thankfully)