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December 25, 2011

Timeskip Herrington gift art

An alternate design for Herrington where they're older and some sort of gang boss or something. I still don't really know.

This one was an art trade with TFOTR back in 2011. I really love the colors on this one. I remember the artist asking if Herrington was a boy or a girl. Yes.

Art by Lightshelter, done for either an art trade or DA gift exchange, also in 2011.

June 1, 2011

Things I miss about my art in 2011

 A snapshot of my art style in 2011. I will be writing about characteristics I want to preserve or bring back.

  • Notable characteristics

    • Blurry overlay to create an ethereal effect

    • Soft blurry shading

  • Drawing

    • Thin linework to accentuate softness

    • Crisp outlines

  • Color and shading

    • Pastel colors

    • A relatively narrow range of hues

    • High contrast shading used sparingly

    • Colors flow together to create a soft, ethereal feel

  • Hair: Fine strands

I like the fact that it's both crisp and blurry at the same time. I struggle with deciding to give things definition or to leave it vague. This is an interesting solution, especially for the art I like to draw. I enjoy the ambiguity.

Love the pastel colors on this one. Minimal shading and very subtle gradients. Also, kitty~ This would be a good reference point if I ever get back into cel-shading (this was specifically cel shaded for a charity commission event)

This was an entry for a coloring contest on Deviantart hosted by the user Gasara. I have always liked how her midriff coloring came out. The coloring is soft, blurry, and ethereal, but still crisp enough to have definition. I really want to bring this coloring style back.

April 12, 2011

A girl and her owl


In a world where owls were domesticated. Like cats but they can fly!