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October 15, 2006

Tellissian OC group picture

This is directly based off of a previous OekakiBBS drawing (it's the first image) which was in turn inspired by Yuu Watase. These are my Tellissian OCs: 

  • Blue haired girl: Marawe (design ancestor of Herrington)
  • Red haired girl in upper right corner: Ebak (design ancestor of Emily)
  • Girl with veil: Chauntelle
  • Red haired guy in lower right corner: Enci (design ancestor of Mr Cass)
  • Bottom middle: Steimei (I'm seeing lots of parallels between her and Princess)
  • Green haired guy: Kizus (who are you again)
  • Pink haired girl: Naoyo
  • Middle: Joaijihag - I reused assets from this picture.

The only character whose design has remained relatively unchanged is Naoyo. Everyone else here is essentially an ancient ancestor of their current incarnations, or I haven't drawn them in like 15 years.

This was done at the start of eighth grade. I was beginning my edgy middle schooler phase. Good times!