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December 18, 2021

Girl in field

 I am so curious about this picture. My grandparents had a framed artwork of a girl in a field that hung in the bedroom hallway of their house, and as a kid I'd always stop to look at it. They both passed away roughly a decade ago, and my best guess is the artwork was donated to a thrift store after the house was sold. I've always wondered about this artwork. Where did it come from? Who painted it? Who's the girl in the painting and what is the story behind it? And where is it now?

All I have of this artwork is a very crude reconstruction that I pulled from a photo it happened to appear in, so that's what my painting is based on. I've always wanted to make my own version of it, with my personal flair of course. Maybe someday I'll find out where the original picture came from, and even if I never find out, that's okay. The mystery is part off the intrigue, but more importantly, it's a nice reminder of my grandparents.