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December 25, 2020

Naoyo gift art

Gift art by Ateliercienne on Deviantart. I think this was from a gift exchange. Naoyo is one of my oldest OCs and it's really cool to see new artwork of her.

Herrington and the boyz

My OCs Weston (left) and Mr Cass (right) having a knife duel. I commissioned Doubleleaf, one of my favorite internet artists, and especially a huge influence on my art during high school. This is from 2012 but I still get giddy every time I see it. It is a dream come true. Hehehe

Gift art commissioned by my friend Porecomesis. The artist is Glassesareagift. This is super cute and I love the pastel colors and soft art style.

Herrington and Mr Cass drawn by NoLife. I think this sums up their relationship pretty well and it inspires me to draw them again. I barely draw my own damn OCs.

Herrington gift artworks

 Various gift artworks of my character Herrington. Thank you for such lovely pictures!!!






I started drawing Herrington's scottish fold ears like hearts because of this one.