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December 18, 2021

Girl in field

 I am so curious about this picture. My grandparents had a framed artwork of a girl in a field that hung in the bedroom hallway of their house, and as a kid I'd always stop to look at it. They both passed away roughly a decade ago, and my best guess is the artwork was donated to a thrift store after the house was sold. I've always wondered about this artwork. Where did it come from? Who painted it? Who's the girl in the painting and what is the story behind it? And where is it now?

All I have of this artwork is a very crude reconstruction that I pulled from a photo it happened to appear in, so that's what my painting is based on. I've always wanted to make my own version of it, with my personal flair of course. Maybe someday I'll find out where the original picture came from, and even if I never find out, that's okay. The mystery is part off the intrigue, but more importantly, it's a nice reminder of my grandparents.

October 22, 2021

Turii panta rhei


Remake of an old doodle from 10-ish years ago, featuring a scene from my OC lore. The song Turii Panta Rhei by Akiko Shikata inspired this idea.

I don't have much attachment to the original context of the song, which has its own story altogether. When I listen to it I imagine vivid scenes from my own story.

September 28, 2021

I bring light.


I've been wanting to redo this certain old piece of Link that I've always been fond of. It deserved an update and I'm quite pleased with the result~ Years ago, I spent that summer playing Majora's Mask to 100% completion, so it was fresh in my mind. What an awesome game. It's definitely one of my all-time favorites.

Here's the original, if you're curious.

September 25, 2021

A very funky alien party


Here's the biggest (...and maybe the oddest) artwork I've done in quite a while, HIGHLY personal and self-indulgent. Let me explain:

I made my new Deviantart account in September 2009. It was a rebirth of sorts, leaving my old account behind. This year, my "new" account turns 12. It was freeing to start over on a new account and it brought a significant turning point in my artistic journey. It was so meaningful to me that I make a habit of acknowledging the date, every year. It serves as a yearly reminder of my artistic journey and the excitement and freedom I felt.

It also marks the birth of my three alien OCs, featured in this artwork. From left to right: Crescentius the snowy owl, Apollow the barn owl, and Allessandro the eagle owl. I tried to incorporate some of my other fascinations from the time, as well as several of our family cats. (The black kitty is Zoey and the one under the table is Nikki. The white one is just a cute scottish fold I saw on Youtube that I was obsessed with.)

My main inspiration for the artwork itself was Louis Wain, particularly his artworks of cats having tea parties. I'm obsessed with that guy.

September 14, 2021



One time, I dreamed I was playing Silent Hill 3. I was inside a very dark room with rusty red highlights. It was a large, spacious, empty room. During my dream, Tree by Aphex Twin was playing in the background. It continued to play even after the scene faded.

For me at least, the track evokes that same sense of eerie loneliness as the nightmare worlds of Silent Hill 3. Alone in a dark, abandoned, industrial wasteland. Concrete, metal, blood, and rust.

I highly recommend you give this track a listen. It's one of my favorite tracks on the album, which is incredible as a whole. The album is Selected Ambient Works Volume 2. Honestly, even the album art reminds me of Silent Hill 1 and 3. It has that same rusty red aesthetic going.

This was a pretty quick piece, but I really wanted to evoke how that dream made me feel, and attempt to depict what I saw in my dream.

May 23, 2021



This is a personal project, an oil painting featuring my spooky boy Dante! I started this back in February. I've been busy with other stuff so it took several months for me to get around to finishing! I uploaded a video documenting the process on Youtube.

May 19, 2021

Apollow and the barn owl


This is the 4th (5th?) time I've redrawn this concept throughout the years. None of the previous attempts captured what I liked about the original, so this time I decided to go with a "true" do-over instead of changing things around. I like the original because of how the skin and hair glows, and I really want to bring that back into my art.

March 7, 2021

Voice of life

I started the sketch around September of 2020 but didn't get around to coloring it until months and months later. This is from winter 2021, I think.

February 23, 2021

Marawe and the flame


Just needed an excuse to record an experimental speedpaint video. I haven't been doing much digital art lately and I'm feeling rusty. But I'm quite pleased with how this came out! This girl is my OC Marawe. (Pronounced MAHR-a-way, I made it up) She was an earlier incarnation of my OC Herrington. She was a pyromaniac who got possessed by a demon. Because of how much she's evolved, I consider Marawe and Herrington to be completely different people at this point.