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September 25, 2021

A very funky alien party


Here's the biggest (...and maybe the oddest) artwork I've done in quite a while, HIGHLY personal and self-indulgent. Let me explain:

I made my new Deviantart account in September 2009. It was a rebirth of sorts, leaving my old account behind. This year, my "new" account turns 12. It was freeing to start over on a new account and it brought a significant turning point in my artistic journey. It was so meaningful to me that I make a habit of acknowledging the date, every year. It serves as a yearly reminder of my artistic journey and the excitement and freedom I felt.

It also marks the birth of my three alien OCs, featured in this artwork. From left to right: Crescentius the snowy owl, Apollow the barn owl, and Allessandro the eagle owl. I tried to incorporate some of my other fascinations from the time, as well as several of our family cats. (The black kitty is Zoey and the one under the table is Nikki. The white one is just a cute scottish fold I saw on Youtube that I was obsessed with.)

My main inspiration for the artwork itself was Louis Wain, particularly his artworks of cats having tea parties. I'm obsessed with that guy.

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