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July 25, 2005

The Epic Summer of Photoshop

The Epic Summer of Photoshop. I was on a roll with learning digital art. I was still a Deviantart newbie and wanted my art to look as good as the cool kids' pictures. At the time I did not have a tablet, so everything here was drawn, scanned/photographed, then colored with a mouse. 

Marawe gives wise advice.

I love this picture just because of how casually I mentioned a list of things I hate. I think she hates wearing clothes.

Kenoko the magical cat angel. I will always have a soft spot for this artwork. I love the colors and her character design, and it must have been so fun to work on this one too.

One of my older OCs, Naoyo Rakuen. (I recently changed her name to Naoyo Rakugaki.)

Random angel girl.

My Inuyasha fan characters Sakura (left) and.... I have no idea who the other girl is. Also, I like the background because I have no idea what's going on. Half forest, half sea? 

Random girl in a school outfit. I loved messing around with the different brushes in Photoshop. They were so sophisticated compared to OekakiBBS that I couldn't help but go nuts!

Me, my cat, and my younger cousin. We would browse Deviantart together and squeal over pretty anime artworks.

My eponymous OC Steimei. The fashion was inspired by Fushigi Yugi. All of my coloring was done using burn and dodge because that was the advice I got from my favorite artist. I actually really like how this one came out. 

A sun and moon themed mermaid. I think this one is really cool too and it would be fun to revisit. I had a thing for sheer fabric and gold trim.