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May 5, 2024

You're a picture of the devil's daughter, I'm a pitcher of holy water

I've been working on this since March. Not because it's a huge project but because I take forever to finish things. 

Gonna be honest, I kind of don't care that much about this one. It's just... okay, I guess? Maybe I'm just fatigued. Lately I've felt bored with digital art and find it hard to focus. It's funny because I used to be the complete opposite, finding it hard to give traditional art the time and effort it deserves. Can't I enjoy the best of both worlds?!

Honestly, maybe I just find my current process to be too inefficient. I get bored easily. One thing I've been struggling with is overworking my pictures, especially digitally. It's so easy to keep going. With traditional art, each decision is much more calculated, requiring slow and deliberate action.