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December 25, 2020

Naoyo gift art

Gift art by Ateliercienne on Deviantart. I think this was from a gift exchange. Naoyo is one of my oldest OCs and it's really cool to see new artwork of her.

Herrington and the boyz

My OCs Weston (left) and Mr Cass (right) having a knife duel. I commissioned Doubleleaf, one of my favorite internet artists, and especially a huge influence on my art during high school. This is from 2012 but I still get giddy every time I see it. It is a dream come true. Hehehe

Gift art commissioned by my friend Porecomesis. The artist is Glassesareagift. This is super cute and I love the pastel colors and soft art style.

Herrington and Mr Cass drawn by NoLife. I think this sums up their relationship pretty well and it inspires me to draw them again. I barely draw my own damn OCs.

Herrington gift artworks

 Various gift artworks of my character Herrington. Thank you for such lovely pictures!!!






I started drawing Herrington's scottish fold ears like hearts because of this one.

November 27, 2020

Egyptian Goddess

"Ma'at (pronounced may-et) is the ancient Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, harmony, and balance (a concept known as ma'at in Egyptian) who first appears during the period known as the Old Kingdom (c. 2613 - 2181 BCE) but no doubt existed in some form earlier. She is depicted in anthropomorphic form as a winged woman, often in profile with an ostrich feather on her head, or simply as a white ostrich feather. The feather of Ma'at was an integral part of the Weighing of the Heart of the Soul ceremony in the afterlife where the heart of the soul of the dead person was weighed in the scales of justice against the feather. Historian Margaret Bunson writes: 'She maintained a vital role in the mortuary rituals of Egypt where she weighed the hearts of the deceased. This mortuary role evolved over the decades into the principle of ma'at, the desired right attitude, which remained the ethical and moral foundation of the Egyptian people.'" (Source)

The pose itself was inspired by the Ziegfeld girls, one of my current obsessions. I've always loved Ancient Egypt especially during my childhood. It would be fun to do a full series of artworks featuring Egyptian deities.

Materials used:
Hieroglyphics 2
Egypt reference
Plain Plaster Texture 02

September 28, 2020

Nebula flowers


This is a remake of a drawing from 10 years ago that I've always been fond of. I've tried to recreate it many times over the years, but this is the best one! I took an experimental painterly approach with only a handful of layers. Also, I made and used some halftone brush textures inspired by OekakiBBS! 

September 10, 2020

Frappe7 collaboration

A collaboration with Frappe7 who did the drawing and I colored. Left is her OC Roza and on the right is my OC Naoyo. Sadly, we do not keep in touch anymore. But I hope you are doing well, Frappe.

August 9, 2020

Haruna the cat angel

Gift art of my cat angel OC Haruna, courtesy of Moossey! Haruna is one of my oldest OCs. I love seeing new art of her!

July 15, 2020

Winter the kitten

A few years ago I looked after a pair of kittens named Elle and Winter. Pictured here is Winter, who I especially fell for. She was the sweetest little girl. They stayed in the guest bedroom and whenever I opened the door they’d always be cuddling on the bed. I looked after the cats for about three weeks. I have no idea where Elle and Winter are now, but I hope they're well. I cried when I had to give them back. 

July 4, 2020

Photo studies: Getting to know SAI2

 Some photo studies from 2020. I just upgraded to Paint Tool SAI 2. It was scary but I got used to it in no time. Honestly, it's better than SAI 1 in pretty much every conceivable way. 


This was one of if not my first ever painting in SAI 2.

Sleeping bear dunes

Maui lookout

NYC skyline

March 28, 2020

Sleeping beauty

This picture really sticks out to me because I drew it when Covid started to take off. I got laid off and was home all the time. Make art to make memories! 

March 12, 2020

Cortina d'Ampezzo

I copied this out of a book. I try to only do studies from my own pictures. But copying from more amazing photographs from around the world can be rewarding too. I'm just worried about overstepping boundaries of copyright. 

March 1, 2020

February 10, 2020

Tree necklace

This idea was sitting in my to-draw list for 4 years, but now's its time to shine! Not sure how practical or plausible this necklace would be in reality, but it was a fun little exercise in creativity. What kind of person do you think would wear this necklace? If it were an accessory in an RPG, what kind of effect do you think it would grant to its wearer?

January 26, 2020


Inspired by one of my favorite Akiko Shikata songs called Inishie. I tried to illustrate how the song makes me feel.