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October 3, 2022

The headlands


Colored all three of these value studies

Road | Pots


Putting some newly installed brush textures to good use. I like the canvas texture but it can produce a grid-like pattern. I've been looking for a more noise-like design.

October 1, 2022

October check-in

 Lately life has felt like an endless treadmill and it's getting hard to function. I've been struggling with fatigue again, but still managed to get some art done. I helped my sister sell at a local art event last weekend. Maybe someday I'll start selling at conventions again. It's just so much time and energy.... I seriously crashed in bed so hard that weekend. I can't imagine how tired my sister was. She had to set up a tent and stay for 12 hours a day. That same weekend I participated in an ALS fundraiser walk with my parents and other family members. 

Lots of natural disasters and weather catastrophes lately. It hurts to see so many in distress. My goal for October is to find ways to better help those in need. 

Very excited for the fall 2022 anime season! In the meantime I'm watching Yu Yu Hakusho. I used to catch it on Cartoon Network back in the day.... racing to my tv after school to ~hate-watch~ it. I didn't want to admit I liked anime back then. Now I'm just a weeb. Also Kuwabara is the best character. GDI I love him.