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September 14, 2021



One time, I dreamed I was playing Silent Hill 3. I was inside a very dark room with rusty red highlights. It was a large, spacious, empty room. During my dream, Tree by Aphex Twin was playing in the background. It continued to play even after the scene faded.

For me at least, the track evokes that same sense of eerie loneliness as the nightmare worlds of Silent Hill 3. Alone in a dark, abandoned, industrial wasteland. Concrete, metal, blood, and rust.

I highly recommend you give this track a listen. It's one of my favorite tracks on the album, which is incredible as a whole. The album is Selected Ambient Works Volume 2. Honestly, even the album art reminds me of Silent Hill 1 and 3. It has that same rusty red aesthetic going.

This was a pretty quick piece, but I really wanted to evoke how that dream made me feel, and attempt to depict what I saw in my dream.

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