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October 3, 2023

Mini practice paintings

These were drawn during a slow day at work yesterday. Setting up a good drawing gives me something to look forward to later in the day. The bigger one is 5x5" wood coaster from Michaels. Got a big pack of them for a decent price and I thought why not. The little one is a 3x3" canvas. The arts and craft store tells YOU what to buy. 

I alternated between the two drawings but focused on the flower. It is my second attempt at the trumpet flower, and this came out much better than the original. Credit to using new brushes (they had discounted Princeton brushes at Michaels!), actually using my reference photo this time, and being more mindful of matching colors to value placement.

Paint colors used for the flower:

  • Titanium white (W&N)
  • Persian rose (Cobra)
  • Grayish blue (Cobra)
  • Dioxazine purple (W&N)

Colors used for background:

  • Emerald green (Cobra)
  • Phthalo blue (W&N)

For now, the eye painting is still in the underpainting stage. I haven't decided which colors to use yet. I am thinking of doing a series of eye paintings in fun colors.

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