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October 8, 2023

Cartoon eye #3

Painted her alla prima. The goal is to paint with completion in mind. But some things will need to be added later and the existing paint needs to be dry for that. And of course I need to add the jewels, but that's for another day!

Got a bunch of Princeton brushes discounted from Michaels which helps with better paint coverage. I used my beloved filbert brush to get soft, clean blending. Overall, other than some color mishaps, I'm quite pleased with this painting so far!


  • Base color: Persian rose (Cobra)
  • Shading: Permanent red-violet light (Cobra), cadmium yellow deep hue (W&N)

Got the skin tone almost to my liking, but the blush/shading is too intense. Need to aim for lower contrast next time. I will try a lighter mixing yellow.


  • Base color: Titanium buff (Cobra)
  • Shading: phthalo green blue hue (W&N)

I intended for the sclera to be a light green but the colors got muddied from traces of alizarin crimson on the palette. Plus titanium buff is too yellow. Next time I'll stick with good old titanium white with the green. And no cross-contamination! 


  • Cadmium yellow medium (W&N)
  • Alizarin crimson (W&N)
  • Phthalo green blue shade (W&N) 

Once this paint is dry, I plan on adding more definition to the eye. I want it to be dazzlingly jewel-like. My favorite part about coloring eyes is adding the rainbow light reflections. See the previous eye to see what I mean.

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