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October 7, 2023

Cartoon eye practice - acrylic gouache on canvas

I have been starting a lot of eye paintings lately. It makes for great iterative practice. The first eye painting looks nice so far, but the colors are too plain for my liking. 

For this sketch I wanted to get a little more abstract. Make it more like a design than a practical eyeball.

Acrylic underpainting works wonders!

For this next painting I used Holbein acrylic gouache. Painting gouache on canvas was an unusual experience. I'm glad I tried this out, but I wouldn't do it again. The texture of the paint isn't well suited to canvas in my opinion. The paint feels very soft even after it's dried, as if the slightest accident could deface the artwork. 

The perks of using gouache on canvas is the quick drying time. I was able to glue on the tear jewel right away. (I plan on doing this for all of the eye paintings.)

Definitely liking the colors more than in the previous painting, but still have a ways to go. Tried to keep the colors as pure as possible, with some mixing where needed. I want the colors to be more exaggerated and intense, this still feels in the realm of "normal".

Overall, I like how she came out. For my oil paintings, I plan on adding more detail once the first application of paint has dried. But with the acrylic gouache paint I can call it a day.

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