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October 23, 2023


Last updated 10.24.23

An application of soft gel to bring out the texture. The photo is blurry because it is cropped out of a bigger photo. 

Taking an experimental approach. I want the underpainting to show through. I used transparent colors and light application of paint instead of aiming for complete coverage. However, once this dries, there are areas I would like to make more solid.

The soft gel brings out depth and transparency to enhance the crystal-like look. Plus, I love the way the paint interacts with it! It can be easily wiped off. I scratched away paint with a toothpick.

Colors used:

  • Titanium white buff (Cobra)
  • Naples yellow red (Cobra)
  • Grayish blue (Cobra)
  • Cadmium yellow pale hue (W&N)
  • Burnt sienna (W&N)

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