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October 29, 2023

Digital lineart practice

Trying out some new techniques for drawing and linework in general. I'm going to color code each type of line, starting with the heaviest and most prominent, to the lightest and most delicate. This is an arbitrary taxonomy for now, but so far it's done me good.

Lineart practice featuring Ennis from Baccano. I love everything vintage, so I added my personal flair to her design to make her more period-appropriate while still honoring her canon design. Love her.

  • Red lines (level 1) This is for the main silhouette. Thickest line weight, but more varying degrees of pen pressure. This is the "main character"
  • Blue lines (level 2) Major shapes. They should be smaller silhouettes within the main shape. Imagine them as the supporting major characters.
  • Green lines (level 3) Minor shapes. 
  • Yellow lines (level 4) Minor details. Smallest brush size. Very little pen pressure for consistent lines.

I need to upload a picture with color-coded lines but I'll add that later. In the meantime you can just wonder what it might look like.

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