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August 9, 2023

Self portrait update

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I am not feeling happy with the self portrait. Painting fine details at this scale is very challenging. Even the smallest decision has consequences, and it ended up getting overworked. The details of the face and hair were lost and it does not much resemble the sketch underneath, much less my own likeness!

The gel gloss is cool, but it is making things complicated in this situation. I do like being able to wipe away anything I painted on - I undid most of the backdrop. 

It was a lot of struggle and reworking. While this picture dries, I have time to decide if I want to keep pursuing this or start over from scratch.

The tortoise looks okay, but I am still frustrated at myself for not following the value map more closely, so the color placement seems random. I plan on adding another layer of paint once this has dried. It could use some more work, but overall I am fairly happy with it. 

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