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August 4, 2023

Gel gloss + Ink = ???

Yesterday I found this mini canvas with a brick-like pattern that I never did anything with. I'm dying to know what happens when you mix ink with gel gloss. Ink is transparent, so it should dry clear, right? Let's do a little experiment.

I borrowed a little jar of ink from my sister and mixed it with the gel gloss. It was a rough mixture as I want it to be inconsistent. It looks like I slathered it in glue, but just wait until this dries...

Dude. I was so excited to check on this the next morning. And the result did not disappoint. Photography does not do it justice. My favorite thing about the gel gloss is how the light passes through it. This is something I am interested in exploring more thoroughly.

This canvas is just a practice piece. Much like with this picture, I'm planning to use it for my spare paint that I don't want to waste. Because the picture is already toned, whatever I paint on top of the gel will still be faithful to what's underneath. Hopefully. We'll see. It's just experimentation, after all!

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