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August 11, 2023

Maui landscape

I am so upset about the wildfires in Maui that it makes me sick. In particular I always think about the innocent animals who don't even know what's going on. It makes me want to curl up into a ball and cry, just thinking about it. And knowing how much worse things are going to get from here. Now I'm spiraling. F*%^ climate change. F*&# wildfires.

If it helps, even a little bit, I donated some money to the Maui Humane Society. One thing I have always wanted to do is make art for charity. I have some experience with it - I parted with some of my first oil paintings for a donation fundraiser. 

I've been wanting to start a landscape painting, so why not pick something Hawaii themed? I don't think about what to do with my paintings after they're done - but if this came out nice enough I could probably donate it, somehow? 

My approach was a little different this time: I laid down a layer of brown acrylic paint, then drew over it with colored pencil and paint markers.

Two photos from after I did the underpainting. It will take some more practice because I keep losing the drawing underneath. I really liked the contours in the marker sketch and now you can barely see them. Also this looks like a Georgia O'Keefe painting right now if you catch my drift... 

Because the tone background is so dark, I needed to light up the clouds somehow. I used a very neon pink, and applied multiple layers of that and the paint marker. My last task of the session was adding a layer of gel gloss to give the clouds some texture. 

As you can see, this gel gloss, along with the lighting, produces a tremendous difference. The first picture was taken last night with artificial light. The other was taken today in the morning sun. I suspect the gel gloss brought out the neon red - man, it's loud! But I have big plans for this little painting. Just need to let it dry a bit.

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