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August 22, 2023

Flower practice paintings

Some small practice paintings inspired by a visit to the Chicago Botanical Garden in 2018. I got a nice opaque pink paint (Cobra permanent red violet light) that would be perfect. 

The goal is to keep a limited palette. I wanted to stick to three colors if possible, and only introduce other colors if they are particularly necessary.

Once this dries I want to add another layer of color depth.

Colors used:

  • Cobra red violet light
  • Cobra Persian rose
  • W&N Indian red
  • W&N alizarin crimson
  • Cobra yellowish green
  • Cobra emerald green

I think this one is a dinner plate hibiscus flower.

  • Cobra red violet light
  • Cobra Persian rose
  • Cobra titanium buff
  • W&N yellow ochre
  • W&N phthalo green (yellow shade)

Here's one I started last night. I primed the surface with yellow ochre acrylic paint and drew on top. Then I toned it with burnt umber and pale rose blush. 

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