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August 5, 2023

Me and Nikki update

I ended up coloring this all in one go, so now I can wait for it to dry. I had a lot of fun working on this one, and the subject matter is very dear to me too. It looks so much better than the original painting, and I am also glad I fixed Nikki's face. I'm finally getting comfortable with how I draw cats.

Main colors used:

  • Titanium buff (Cobra) - general white
  • Persian Rose (Cobra) - shirt and shorts
  • Naples yellow light (Cobra) - Nikki
  • Naples yellow (W&N) - skin (lighter tone)
  • Naples yellow red (Cobra) skin (darker tone)
  • Yellow ochre (W&N) hair
  • Cadmium red hue (W&N) 
  • Burnt sienna (W&N)
  • Phthalo blue (W&N) shorts

Even though the painting is incomplete, I still think it looks quite nice as it is. The blue shorts are very loud, but once I add in the other details it won't feel like the main focus. There are a lot of things I would still like to do to this painting.

  • Add red stripes to shirt
  • Emphasize Nikki's orange-ness
  • Add hints of blue or green to the staircase
  • Fine-tune details and outlines
  • Small color corrections
  • Shading on face
  • Make foot smaller
  • Fix Nikki's front paws

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