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July 5, 2023

OC gouache practice

Left: Herrington the scottish fold (pale pink, cream yellow)
Right: Emily (primary magenta, light apricot)

Weston the scottish fold (deep yellow, light apricot (?))

Some gouache practice featuring my OCs. I have taken much interest in choosing colors for each character. These OCs have been around for a long time but until now I haven't considered them very distinct from one another. 

  • More cartoon-style, less anime (aiming for a 50/50 hybrid, with a hearty helping of vintage aesthetic)
  • Give each character a distinct silhouette - they should be recognizable even if they were bald and naked.
  • Each character gets a different skin tone. This is mixed with their hair color to create a cohesive color scheme. I put the last goal into practice for these paintings.

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