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July 18, 2023

Black cat with rainbow whiskers

I did a small painting in gouache to help me figure out the colors. Plus, it makes a cute little picture on its own. 

What this idea means to me: Dante would make the perfect model for this artwork. He has very long whiskers.

Brainstorming thoughts

  • Most suitable medium: Digital, but I ended up taking the traditional route this time.
  • The whiskers look like rays of light coming from a lamp or a shining crystal

Visual inspiration:

  • Houseki no Kuni fanart: they always do the shiny rainbow thing
  • Louis Wain: he always drew cats from the same angles. I particularly like his profile views of cats. My composition makes reference to his solo cat portraits.

July 17, 2023
I have decided to make this into a painting on a flat 9x12 inch canvas. I did a small practice painting in gouache and am very excited about the colors and composition that I chose. This idea combines the ammonite composition with the rainbow whiskers.

I am going to apply the imprimatura technique. Once it has dried I would like to glaze it in layers using the sfumato technique. This involves diluting the paint with linseed oil. This is a slow process as the painting must be completely dry.  I was looking at this video from the Old Master’s Academy for ideas.

July 18, 2023
I tried out the imprimatura technique and it was very fun. I used burnt umber, raw umber, and raw sienna. These pigments dry quickly, making it good for underpainting. There are some mistakes, but I am sure they can be fixed.

Before I get to the glazing stage, which I am very curious to try out, I need to actually paint on the canvas. My plan is to give it a crystalline appearance. Dante’s fur will be a deep, rich black, with definition focused on his radiant and colorful whiskers. Or should I start glazing right away? I want to see how the blue hue mixes with the underpainting for a more solid black. I will most likely use phthalo blue, but prussian blue might work too. My mind is buzzing with ideas.

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