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July 6, 2023

Ghost Trick tribute update

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A few weeks ago I started a sketch featuring all the characters but progress has stalled, mostly because part of me isn’t happy with it. 

Good news: I found the lost alternate version. Quite ironically, the version I uploaded to Deviantart was the actual “alternate” version. It was always meant to be in night-vision. Luckily I found the superior version stashed away in a folder full of slight alternate files that I couldn’t bring myself to ever delete. Sometimes hoarding is a good thing.

I’m not sure if I will still pursue the new sketch, but in the meantime I have taken to touching up the original artwork from 2011. All it took was a few edits to make a much more compelling image. 

Now, my idea is to draw another sketch referencing the touched up image. Essentially, an updated remake of the original, but still with the flair of new inspiration, seen above.

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