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June 26, 2023

The art of idea picking

It’s like job hunting or dating in the sense that you very rarely commit to something all the way, and it’s usually after considering a large number of options. What is worth the full commitment? The uncertainty can be an advantage. It can lead to possibilities you never even considered.

The most important things to remember: 

  1. Make it fun!
  2. References are helpful, but let imagination do most of the work! 


  • Start with an idea
  • How would I first approach it? Writing (open concept) or drawing (specific concept) first?
  • Do I like this idea enough to pursue it?
  • How far am I willing to take this idea?

Channel the creative energies into their respective outlets

  • Tier 1: I would entertain the thought of this idea
    • Write about open concept ideas in notebook
    • Doodle on scrap paper
  • Tier 2: I would like to spend some time with this idea
    • Sketches and drawings go in sketchbook
    • Reflective writing that comes after the initial sketches/brainstorming
  • Tier 3: I would experiment with this idea
    • Digital art experimentation
    • Dry mixed media on decent quality bristol
    • Small oil paintings on acrylic paper
  • Tier 4: I would put this on my wall.
    • Dry mixed media on high quality paper
    • Digital art - finished artwork
    • Gouache goes on acrylic paper or watercolor block
    • Small/medium scale oil paintings (~14” or smaller)
  • Tier 5: This idea is important to me. I would hang it above my couch.
    • Large scale oil paintings: What idea is worthy of using up valuable surface area and materials?

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