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June 26, 2023

Lavender garden work in progress

Pictured is a neighborhood garden somewhere in Chicago. I'm getting better at the sketching process by making it fun. I love making swirly lines and exploring all the hidden relationships. Using colored pencils makes it easier to differentiate the details.

I've only just gotten started with this painting but I would like to take it seriously and devote the proper time it deserves. I would love to make it look like an Erin Hanson painting.

My practice with markers is already changing how I approach my art. I started with three main colors (the blue, lime green and fuchsia on the right). The goal is to cover as much as possible. From there I can move to the in-between colors.

The goal isn't to make a realistic photograph (this would go in a completely direction) but rather it is a fun color exercise. It's very therapeutic. I suspect the next progress update will look quite different. The fun part is not knowing where it is headed!

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