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June 1, 2023

June check-in

Getting back in to painting

This month passed by in a blur. I worked on a commission that I made a special exception for. I have too much going on so it was hard to find the time. But now that I am done with the artwork I can focus on my own personal projects. I kicked it off with some oil painting! I'm working on two 8x10" canvases, just to start off small and gradually work my way to larger surfaces. 

Resident Evil 4

I got the Resident Evil 4 remake from my library after 1.5 months on the waitlist. I could certainly afford it but I don't need more clutter and would prefer to try before I buy. So far it's okay, I do find it jarring how much of the game they completely changed. I had to stop halfway through the castle before giving the game back. 

The castle is completely different other than the general vibe, characters and bosses. I guess I was expecting something more 1:1 like the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater remake that came out a few years ago. It's still a good game, and it's fun to be surprised. Just, very difficult (or I just suck) because I keep having to re-do the same sections over and over, and I have no ammo etc. I'm going to buy the game using some store credit I saved up with my local used game store, once they have a copy in. I don't think I would buy this game for $60 out of pocket. But it would be nice to spend more time with it. Plus it was a wonderful way to bond with my older sister who is a big horror fan.


Happy Pride Month! All LGBTQ+ people are valid and loved. I am queer myself and as a teenager I never felt seen or supported. It makes me so happy to see a shift in attitudes for the better. All queer people deserve to feel like they are seen and loved. If you go to any Pride events this year, please be safe. 

Goals for this month

I would like to go outside more, do more painting, and do spring/summer cleaning. I have to move out before the end of the year. Might as well get started with the de-cluttering now. 

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