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June 25, 2023

Marker practice featuring my OCs

Half of these were done with Copic markers, the other half was done with some very old and stinky art markers left over from college.

Copic markers are very fun, but I think they're overrated and not worth the cost. It's all social media hype. I've messed around with different brands and they're all the same. I spent way too much money on my collection only for them to dry out after the plastic cracks. Just get the store brand, trust me. There's hardly a difference. I enjoy the fun colors but I can't justify spending $6+ on a single marker. 

I take some of the blame for not storing my markers properly at first (never store them near natural light) but I'm still finding casualties despite storing away my collection in a cold dark closet like I'm hiding it from someone.

I shouldn't complain TOO much about Copic though. The colors are very, very nice. I am smitten with their pale colors, which I used for a lot of the character drawings on this page. Whoever names the colors did a good job of seducing me into buying them. 

This is my OC Weston. His tattoos make him look like a vandalized dumpster. When am I going to work on my story???

This one is my favorite. I used some of the old design markers and while they're all on their way out, they still managed to give me one last hurrah. I'm also super happy with the art style. This is how I want my art to look, but I'm not always able to pull it off.

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