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June 21, 2023

Hydrangea and Bee work in progress

Laying down the basic shapes. Keep it simple! What's the most important thing about this artwork? Get that part down first. Everything else can wait.

I want the colors to be bright and vibrant, so the underpainting should reflect that. The actual paint colors should be a little lighter than what's underneath. 

This part is fun because it incorporates the joy of drawing that I cherish so dearly. My sister says I have a scientific approach. I enjoy dividing everything into sections and planning out where colors will be lighter or darker. I used neon pink, neon orange, and purple for the under painting. Then I used a light pink Posca marker for the highlighted areas.

Last weekend I spent my whole Saturday working on this painting and had a wonderful time. I listened to my favorite podcasts and had the windows open. 

Main colors used so far:
  • Titanium white (PW6)
  • Ultramarine Blue (PB29)
  • Magenta (PR122)
  • Dioxazine Purple (PV23)

I won't show the end result of this session and shall leave you with a progress shot instead - there is something so exciting about the in-between moments of painting!

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