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May 19, 2023

Pond WIP

I am very pleased with how this is coming along. I scrapped my previous progress and painted over it completely, with more distinct outlines for color separation. 

There is still more progress do be done, but so far this new technique is working well! The marker brush in SAI2 operates similar to how I would have applied the paint in a traditional medium. Lots of layering colors and blending. 

I'm hoping to make it look closer to the source photo and add more definition to certain areas. I haven't been doing much art lately so this has been a joy to work on. For me, the entire point of art is the process itself. 

I miss making art, so badly. I've been so busy lately. It's a privilege to grow up, but dang, do I miss having hours and hours of free time - and oodles of energy - to do whatever I want! 

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