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July 1, 2022

July check-in

My June was fairly productive. Haven't done many "completed" artworks but I have been doing lots of little value studies. I've decided to start up a blog. I'm building up an archive of all my favorite artworks throughout the years along with my value studies and other smaller artworks. I'm also posting my writing projects there as well. I fully intend to update this blog on a regular basis. There is a lot of art and writing on the blog that will never be posted to Deviantart or other sites I use, so please check it out! 

Really depressed about current events. It's hard to stay positive and I'm trying to find ways I can help. As is common knowledge at this point, the Supreme Court just killed Roe v Wade, and also made some other terrible rulings while they're on a roll. We knew this was coming but it's still deeply disturbing and upsetting. It's easy to feel hopeless but always look for the helpers! I attended an activism event the other day and it made me hopeful seeing so many other people who care. If you want to help, here's a great list of resources. In the meantime, I am brainstorming other ways I can help- I was thinking of designing stickers or buttons to sell and donate the proceeds.

Trying to do more fun stuff this summer. I went to a sketching event at the museum and am hoping to make that a regular thing. Might get into selling my art at cons again too maybe.

Hope June treated you well, and have a safe and healthy July. 

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