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July 13, 2022

Hypothetical commissions

Scenario: Your favorite artist is offering to draw you anything you want. What will you request? Something that fits what they’re known for, but also something you’ve always wanted to see. It’s a fun thought exercise. 

Pair artists with the specific ideas you would want them to draw. Plus, you can then draw those ideas using their art as an influence. Or straight up pretend they drew it- let’s be honest, that would be way more fun. Essentially, this is an exercise in borrowing and incorporating other artists’ styles.

How much time would you dedicate to writing about each artist? Really pretend it’s happening; get serious! Also, when picking an idea for the artist to draw, explain why they were assigned that idea. Why would they be a good fit for the idea?

Example: Carnelian

I would ask them to draw my OCs having a Venice wedding. - The idea reminds me of looking at professional anime art on the internet when I was in middle school. I was so amazed at what they could do. The idea also seems like something you'd see in an early 2000s bishoujo VN.

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