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July 13, 2022

Starting up multiple projects

 Over the weekend I started up multiple projects. Some were spurred by a single image that inspired me, while others are specific ideas I want to carry out. Usually when I think of something I want to do, I think “I’ll get to it eventually” and then never do. But ever since I started a 10 minute timer, I’ve felt like I can visit a lot more ideas now. 

The problem is, do I have to finish everything I start? Should I come up with parameters? One of my favorite mantras is that not everything needs to be a masterpiece. So how will I decide what to continue working on, and what will I call done? The idea is that I can pick up wherever I stopped. 

Maybe I’ll give “active” ideas a week to work on it. If I haven’t touched the project in 7 days, I will end it there, and I can always revisit it in the future. If not, I’ll keep working on it until I’m happy. 

Maybe I’ll make a list. I could label projects with their status, if I intend to continue, and if so, how much further. I need to visit as many ideas as possible before it is too late.

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