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June 29, 2022

List of drawing prompts for curing art block


Part 1: Memes and drawing prompts

  1. Almost kissing meme

  2. Battle status

  3. Blushing face

  4. Essential expressions

  5. Gender bender shipping meme

  6. Guess my fav characters

  7. Kiss meme

  8. Personality swap

  9. Six fanarts (maybe go with a theme)

Part 2: Studies

  1. Make your own anime screenshot

  2. Redraw an old artwork

  3. Draw from a photograph

  4. Redraw a famous artwork 

  5. Draw 20 sketches of a body part you struggle with. At least 5 should be skeletal and musculature studies

  6. Study the skull

  7. Take two art styles and combine them. Maybe the art by Artist A but using the style of Artist B

  8. Cinematography color studies

  9. Mugshots

  10. 30 day photo study challenge

  11. Follow a tutorial

  12. Color someone else’s lineart

Part 3: Prompts

  1. Draw a portrait with emphasis on a body part NOT the head/face

  2. Illustrate a local crime report- the wackier the better. Get dramatic

  3. Draw OCs taking inspiration from fanart that reminds you of them

  4. Design a toy from multiple angles- pretend it’s going to be made into a real object

  5. Design a historical figure

  6. Tic Tac Toe with 9 elements

  7. FML stories with OCs or fanart characters

  8. Redraw memes with OCs/fanart (e.g. Redraw Reigen)

Part 4: Challenges and limitations

  1. Draw with your left hand

  2. Draw upside down

  3. Extreme values - no lines, color, or midtones

  4. Inverted colors

  5. Art style challenge

  6. Toon Me

  7. 3 marker challenge

  8. Huevember

  9. Draw subject in 10 min, 1 min, 10 seconds

  10. Draw the same picture before and after incorporating target style

  11. Pick an art style to copy, then pick a pose to copy. Combine them

  12. Do a small animation

  13. Draw over an old picture 

Part 5: Curations

  1. Art progress meme

  2. OC style/design evolution

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