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June 23, 2022

Poses and memory training

 Originally written in February. Posting here as a test.

Poses, art style, and memory training

If I want to see progress, I need to make this a daily habit. It’s fun to practice on a randomly selected image, but I’d also like to manually select and plan what to train myself to draw.

  • Be able to describe the pose

  • Be able to describe the art style

  • How many poses should I do per day? 

    • One to three?

    • A pose and a face?

  • What kind of poses or styles would be the most useful to learn?

  • How far ahead should I plan? A week’s worth, maybe?

Constructing a pose with multiple people in it

  • Which way are they collectively leaning?

  • Draw the lollipops first

  • Where is the center of force located?

  • See them as a single form

  • Imagine the whole scene as a grid that bends to the will of the characters. It shows the movement and direction of their interaction.

  • Show movement with 3 or 4 parallel lines. A general direction will emerge. The lollipops go with the flow of the movement.

The future of brainstorming

I’m tired of how much space these brainstorming pictures take up. If I save them as small png with simple text and graphics it should be much more sustainable.... Or should I just save them as a text-based file? How do I want to go about that? What if I want to show it to someone? What if I had a default recipe card template?

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