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December 6, 2022

CSP diary #4

I resumed progress later in the evening.

  • Still haven’t figured out how to change color on multiple layers at once, so I took a different approach.

    • Gradient adjustment layer using sepia preset

    • Discovered various color palette presets

    • Selected four hues to use for the intermediate palette 

    • Colored over the sepia gradient map, layer set to Hue

    • Toned down the Hue layer so the sepia still shows

  • How can I distribute the saturation? Everything has the same intensity of color.

    • Shower thought: Make a copy of the grayscale layer, and convert brightness to saturation. 

    • Black = Grayscale. White = Full saturation.

    • I have only pondered this in theory, but have yet to put it into practice. I feel like it could work, though!

  • Reduce friction as much as possible

    • I keep getting stopped every so often because I don’t know what to do or where to go. 

    • In particular, merging layers: there are separate keyboard shortcuts depending on if you’re merging clipped layers or grouping a bunch of layers into one.

    • I don’t like having to press Ctrl+Shift+E. I just want Ctrl+E for either of those actions like I do in SAI2.

  • Use more stylized colors. 

    • The colors are too intense on the eyes. Reduce the saturation but retain the stylized appearance.

    • The more stylized it gets, the less room there is for “realistic” shading, but I can play with that.

    • I’m not yet sure how I want to shade this drawing. Stylized colors call for a different methodology that is not yet clear to me.

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