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December 5, 2022

CSP diary #2

  • I updated CSP and now have access to the timelapse feature. Yippee! I’m very excited about this. It should make my potential video making process more tolerable.

  • I used my same workflow as in SAI2, but this time in CSP. 

    • Using what I learned between now and last time, I was able to move much more confidently and even successfully turned my sketch into a lineart. 

    • Not sure if it’s the stabilizer or the hefty software but I feel compelled to draw slower and more deliberately. It could also be the nervousness of drawing in unfamiliar software.

  • Berryzem sent me a video showcasing various tips and tricks in CSP. 

    • I will be viewing this video multiple times, especially as I become more acquainted with the program.

    • On a related note, I make slideshows of inspiring art and watch them on the treadmill or whenever I’m particularly bored. I always view these slideshows multiple times and each viewing I am surprised by something I hadn’t noticed before. Repetition helps with learning.

  • Drawing and painting tools

    • I’m liking the brush hardness options. I used the roughest setting because of how it combines with the texture. It lends a physical element that I like.

    • This pencil tool almost looks pixelated, which I like. 

    • Next time I have to figure out how to actually color my picture.

  • Workspace

    • Using a toned backdrop is much easier on the eyes. 

    • I want to set up my workspace to closely resemble SAI. It is very customizable so I should be able to work it down to the essentials and only add other tools as I see fit.

    • I love the cross color picker tool, But how do I undo assigning a new color to one of the corners? 

    • It would be fun to make a zorn palette with the color picker.

  • Keyboard shortcuts

    • In SAI2 I use alt+spacebar to rotate the canvas. In CSP you press R, then drag. Alt+Spacebar is for zooming here. 

    • The brush size key shortcuts are the same, which I discovered through muscle memory.

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