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December 3, 2022

Clip Studio Paint diary entry #1


  • Finally started experimenting in CSP
    • All previous times I would open it and give up after five minutes without even trying anything
    • This time I did not give up and I am better for it
    • Learning CSP will be hard, but I know it will be so rewarding!
  • It was helpful to have a sketch ready to work on
    • As opposed to drawing something on the spot; that alone consumes a lot of mental energy.
    • With a drawing ready to go, I can focus on following the steps I would normally take to line and color the picture.
  • I didn’t get very far today, if at all.
    • But that’s okay! I have to learn where everything is.
    • I am intimidated by all the tools, options, and settings. This is all brand new territory.
    • By following my standard digital art procedure in an unfamiliar software, I can have a baseline to operate from.
    • Imagine how long it would take to learn CSP as a complete beginner to digital art - or just art - in general. I shudder at the mere thought.
  • Things I learned / figured out today
    • Explored some of the brush config settings. I figured out how to mess with the brush settings and toggle textures.
    • Assigned some familiar keyboard shortcuts for frequently used functions: open canvas from clipboard; convert brightness to opacity; fill layer.
  • Questions I have about CSP so far
    • How do I zoom in with the tablet pen clicker? Holding down the clicker drags my view of the canvas, but the spacebar serves the same purpose
    • How do I assign a keyboard shortcut to flip my view of the canvas? In SAI2 I press the H key
    • What keys do I hold down to rotate the canvas? In SAI2, I hold down Alt+Spacebar.
    • Does my version of CSP have the timelapse function? I purchased this back in 2015 I think.
  • Looking for beginner-friendly tutorials.
    • I wish it was like a game with tutorials in which features are disabled/hidden until you get to them. CSP has so many bells and whistles the important stuff gets lost in the noise.
    • Google: Things I wish I knew about CSP as a beginner

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