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December 6, 2022

CSP diary #3

  • Setting up the base colors

    • Figure out how to handle the fill tool better because it’s not getting everything. 

    • Not getting into colors just yet. For now I just focused on values.

    • Is there a way to modify an entire folder’s worth of contents all at once? In SAI2 I can select a layer folder to change the color/brightness of everything inside. I can’t seem to do that here.

    • When establishing base colors, I lower the opacity of the lineart for easier visibility. I forgot to return it to 100% but I do like this more subtle look.

  • Brushes

    • Slowly getting acquainted with brush config.

    • There is a scatter brush tool in CSP that I haven’t checked out yet. Can’t wait to mess around with that.

  • Workflow

    • Configured some key shortcuts to match my SAI2 settings. 

    • Configure workspace so it’s easier to keep track of all the different brushes. They are on opposite sides of the screen

    • Use shift+spacebar to rotate the canvas without having to switch to a special tool (R key)

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