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April 6, 2022

Book notes on Steal like an artist (part 6/12)

 Chapter 6: Do good work and share it with others

  • Post your work online. What can I fill my website with?
    • Show glimpses of the process
    • Teasers
    • Share tips
    • Links to interesting articles etc
    • Recommend books
  • Obscurity is a blessing when you’re starting your journey
    • I’m sure it’s awesome being a popular artist online but I really enjoy working in obscurity. I don’t feel obligated to dance for other people. I just do what I want, when I want. It’s pretty great.
  • People aren’t mean or cruel, just busy with their own lives.
  • When you’re unknown, you have more creative freedom to do what you want.
    • No pressure to please others
    • Nothing to distract you from getting better
  • Wonder at something and invite others to wonder with you.
    • When brainstorming an idea, I always start with what the idea means to me. When I post the art, I try to propose a question or food for thought to promote conversation. It’s a fun way to connect with others.
  • Give your secrets away and teach your unique art methods
    • Open up your process and invite people in
    • You will both learn new things and it becomes a creative conversation.
    • I want other people to learn my stained glass art style so I don’t have to do it anymore. It’s tedious work.
    • Some historical examples of creative conversation: How Disney cartoons influenced anime; or how ukiyo-e inspired art nouveau. In both these cases, the style went back and forth until it developed into the many unique styles we know of today.
  • When posting online, you’re only as good as your last post
    • This doesn’t help me overcome my perfectionism. 

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