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April 3, 2022

Book notes on Steal like an artist (Part 3/12)

 Chapter 3: Write the book you want to read

  • Like creating fan works, but something original
  • Think about your heroes
    • What didn’t they make?
    • What could they have done better?
    • What do I want to borrow from them?
  • If your favorite artists all collaborated with you as the director, what would be made? Now go and make that!
    • Director: Me
    • Cat artist: Louis Wain
    • Background artist: Erin Hanson
    • Character designers (XX): Ethel Hays, Yuu Watase
    • Character designers (XY): Tadashi Hiramatsu
    • Story: This is a good one, lemme think on that
    • Music: Akiko Shikata
  • I’m going to keep myself from overthinking this staff roll. It deserves its own document so I could think about it more in depth. This is just a starter.
  • It would be fun to make a list of other “staff members” to rotate through. I can’t pick just one.

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