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September 11, 2023

Road to Hana: Waterfall (WIP)

I haven't done much art in the past couple weeks due to moving and general stress, but the dust is starting to settle. New art, digital or traditional, is always a good sign! 

Yesterday I started coloring this sketchbook drawing of a waterfall in Maui. The goal is to approach this as if it were a physical painting. My program of choice is Paint Tool SAI version 2.

Some fun things I did to increase the painterly effect:

  • Painting with a textured marker brush. I chose the marker brush because it maintains whatever opacity you set it to - it does not build up unless you start drawing on another layer. This allows the drawing and underpainting to remain visible.
  • The grainy texture also helps the vibrant colors of the underpainting show through. 
  • Added a subtle rock crystal texture to the entire layer. 
  • Lastly, adding a subtle fringe layer effect gives it character. 

The goal is to paint everything on this one layer to give it a solid foundation. The intention of this layer is to establish color and important forms, but still look as finished as possible. This is my digital equivalent of painting alla prima. The marker brush blends heavily and picks up other colors. 

I am aiming for expressive colors and forms. I don't want a photorealistic picture of the waterfall. I want to show you what a photograph cannot. It is an exercise in design, creativity, and curation of elements. 

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