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September 1, 2023

Bee visiting a meteor shower

I know next to nothing about flower or plant identification. I could point out a pineapple maybe. Everything else I need to google. Apparently this flower is called verbena bonariensis, aka, Meteor Shower! Love it!!

Here is my first coloring attempt. I have not been doing much digital in general lately. Things are hectic and I'm not doing well mentally, but once the dust settles, I should have the proper energy and focus for digital art again. Right now, I feel antsy and listless with digital art, just because it's not tangible like my oil paintings. It just doesn't seem real, and right now I need something to ground me in reality.

So, here's a work-in-progress of version 2. I've learned a lot of lessons from painting in the past several months, and am applying them to my digital methodology. This includes being more deliberate and focusing on specific spots. Usually I will messily paint over the entire image and fine-tune later. But this new approach is more like painting in real life: in a physical setting, paint is limited, and there is more strategy involved. I want to bring that slow, deliberate consideration to my digital artworks. 

Maybe I am bored by digital lately because it feels too forgiving if you make mistakes. You can Ctrl+Z. You can experiment with different colors and effects, all just a click away. Meanwhile, I would liken traditional art to a brain teaser puzzle: you have to carefully consider every move you make, or else it's game over!

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