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April 9, 2023

楽画記 治世 (Rakugaki Naoyo)

This is where I'm at.

Messing with colors and blending modes

Doodling, with alternate writing of her name

This is one of my oldest OCs, Naoyo. Her name was originally Rakuen Naoyo, but I changed the name a bit - 楽 (Raku) = Fun; leisure. 画 (Ga) = Picture; 記 (Ki) = Narrative. I chose these characters to represent everything I love about what I do.  Rakugaki is also the Japanese word for doodle/scribble.

I'm no expert at Japanese, but that sounds about right. One thing I love about Japanese is the arbitrary nature of character readings. You can do all sorts of fun stuff with it. I haven't decided on the characters for Naoyo just yet, but was considering 治 (to be restored; to heal) and 世 (generation; world; society).

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